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Start making money on the internet with our step-by-step guide to casino webmaster affiliate programs. Discover how to earn commissions as high as 50% on every visitor referred by your web site.

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Casino Affiliate Guide - Definition of an Online Casino Affiliate Program

 You may have already heard the term online casino affiliate program being thrown around on the net. But have you ever wondered exactly what it refers to and who it's directed at? It plays an important role in the world of online casinos and it's an essential initiative to help drive traffic to online gambling sites. To find out more about an online casino affiliate program read on.Have you ever wondered just what an online casino affiliate program is all about? The following is a web definition of what this program is designed for, what it has to offer and who it's geared at. An affiliate program in general is an advertising program offering a financial compensation to webmasters that drive traffic to the advertiser's website.  


 This makes like easier for the advertiser since they don't have to find websites with related content to list their banners. It also increases the response rate by giving the "affiliate" websites a stake or an incentive for generating a good response rate. Affiliate programs are designed to benefit all parties involved.

In a very general definition, an affiliate program is any style of profit sharing program in which an affiliate, partnered or linked website receives a portion of income for delivering sales, leads, or traffic to a merchant website.



 In short, affiliate programs are commonly considered those programs that use a pay- per-sale scheme of some sort set up between the merchant and the partner (or affiliate). Some other names for affiliate programs you may come across are: associate program, partnership, referral program, reseller program, or sponsor programs.