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Casino Affiliate Guide


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Start making money on the internet with our step-by-step guide to casino webmaster affiliate programs.

Definition of an Online Casino Affiliate Program

You may have already heard the term online casino affiliate program being thrown around on the net. But have you ever wondered exactly what it refers to and who it's directed at? It plays an important role in the world of online casinos and it's an essential initiative to help drive traffic to online gaming sites. To find out more about an online casino affiliate program read on.

Have you ever wondered just what an online casino affiliate program is all about?

The following is a web definition of what this program is designed for, what it has to offer and who it's geared at. An affiliate program in general is an advertising program offering a financial compensation to webmasters that drive traffic to the advertiser's website.

This makes like easier for the advertiser since they don't have to find websites with related content to list their banners. It also increases the response rate by giving the “affiliate” websites a stake or an incentive for generating a good response rate. Affiliate programs are designed to benefit all parties involved.

In a very general definition, an affiliate program is any style of profit sharing program in which an affiliate, partnered or linked website receives a portion of income for delivering sales, leads, or traffic to a merchant website.

In short, affiliate programs are commonly considered those programs that use a pay- per-sale scheme of some sort set up between the merchant and the partner (or affiliate). Some other names for affiliate programs you may come across are: associate program, partnership, referral program, reseller program, or sponsor programs.

Your ultimate guide for Casino Affiliate programs. Webmasters, we have listed the top casino affiliate programs for you to start promoting casinos from your own website. These programs offer a variety of commission structures for you to choose from (see below for an explanation of the different commissions). Most of these casino affiliate programs are two tier or multi-tier. Thereby enabling you to earn from other webmasters you sign up beneath you. Most Casino affiliate programs represent casinos using the same software, but not all of them. Check out our Casino affiliate program links to see which programs represent the software you want.
When you do go to sign up you will be asked to choose the type of deal you want. The choices will usually be one of the following: CPA deal, Revenue share, Wagering model or Combination payment. If you don't know which one is best for you there is a brief description of each below to help you decide.

CPA (Cost per aquisition)

The affiliate program will pay you a set amount of money per player that you sign up. This amount may vary depending on how much that player deposits or how many players you have. This is initially a quicker money earner as you may get $100 for that player even if they only deposit a small amount and only play once at that casino. The downside is that if your player goes on to make several large deposits and loses that money, you will not get paid on their future deposits.
For example: You have one player who deposits $50 and your CPA deal gives you $100 for that player whether they win or lose. If they re-deposit you will not get paid for that player again. Your earnings $100 Max.



gambling-strategyRevenue Share

This commission is dependant on your players depositing and losing their money. You get paid a percentage of their losses. This percentage varies from program to program and can be paid on a sliding scale depending on your earnings (eg. 0 – $5000 25% $5001 – $10000 35% etc). Overall this is the better long term business strategy and worth the time it takes to establish, but it does take time to get a number of players to deposit.
For example: You have one player who deposits $50 and loses it all. Your earnings $12.50. But if they re-deposit $50 and lose that

you get another $12.50 and so on. Your earnings (provided they lose) are unlimited, but if they win more than they have deposited then you go in the negative. This does not mean that you will have to pay that amount, it will just be deducted from future earnings.



Wagering Model


Your commission is dependant on how much your player wagers, NOT how much they lose. This could be a good option if you have lots of players who deposit smaller amounts. You get paid a percentage of how much your players wager regardless of whether they win or lose. Your earnings can, therefore, never be in the negative. The percentage is paid to you is actually based on the profit margin the casino has on that game. Lets use 3% as their margin and you get 30% of that margin.
For example: You have one player who deposits $50 and then plays that through in $1 bets, they win some and lose some, but lets say they wager the original amount 20x making a total wager of $1000. Your earnings on that would be $9 regardless of whether they win or lose. In reality the figures would probably be higher, but this is just a very simple example.

Combination Payment

A hybrid payment option, offering a smaller CPA payment plus a smaller percentage payment (eg. $50 CPA + 15% revenue share). This may seem a nice compromise when first starting as you will be getting paid as your players sign up, but with the smaller revenue percentage you may lose out later on.
For example: You have one player who deposits $50 and loses. Your earnings would be $57.50. But if he re-deposits $50 and loses again your earnings would be $7.50 and so on.

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