Top Tips For Affiliates

1. Create Fresh Content Every Day

Although hardly mentioned on most affiliate forums, fresh unique content is now more powerful than ever before. If you are not creating daily fresh content then you are definitely losing out! Simply create daily quality content that funnels traffic to your sales pages.

2. Get Sticky!

Give your readers something to do! Find ways to make your pages “sticky”! Use videos, games, quizzes or even surveys to keep readers on your site.

3. Build A Brand!

Panda is killing thin type affiliate sites with each update. Don’t worry about exact type domains; build an authority site with at least 1000 pages.

4. Optimise Pages For Greater Conversions

It still amazes me how many affiliates simply “throw up” pages and then simply build links with in reality no effort made to determine how well their sales pages actually convert. Quality affiliates are constantly spilt testing their sales pages to squeeze every click possible form their pages. Changes to banners and call to actions can have a drastic effect on conversions.

5. Keep Under The Radar

on’t create links for your websites on affiliate forums. You will notice that smart affiliates never mention their main sites on affiliate forums as they don’t want their efforts dissected by those struggling to make money.

6. Time Is Money!

It’s very easy to end up wasting valuable time posting on affiliate forums and social networks. On many of the affiliate forums I read it seems that many do little else other than post all day on the forum. Remember time is money!

7. Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket!

Many affiliates fall in to the trap of putting all their eggs in to the “Google Basket”. Compared to five years ago we now have many great sources to generate free traffic. Utilise YouTube and other video sites and also of course social media sites. Also don’t forget that there are many other search engines you can target. PPC campaigns can be very profitable on some of the lesser known smaller search engines.

8. Educate Yourself!

No online affiliate knows it all. Spend the time each week to read a new book to increase your knowledge. To get you started read Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman.

9. Get Ahead!

Talk regularly to affiliate managers and ask about forthcoming promotions. From experience I can tell you that doing so can be very profitable as you can steal a march on other affiliates.

10. Stay Focused!

At the start of each week set your goals in regards to what you want to get done and ensure that you achieve your goals each and every week!