Basic On Page SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is simply the process of optimising a web site by improving both internal and external aspects to generate increased traffic from search engines such as Google.

On Page SEO – The Very Basics

To give you a basic understanding of SEO lets imagine we have a poker bonus site such as . We have created hundreds of quality articles for this fictitious webs site that link to our sales pages which we hope will entice our readers to click our affiliate links. Let’s imagine our site has a Poker Stars sales page targeting the key phrases “Poker Stars Bonus”

The actual URL of this page should be the actual key phrase we are targeting so in this case

For SEO purposes the actual heading of the page should also start with the key phrase we are targeting. So in this case…..

Poker Stars Bonus

It’s also a good idea to start your main body text with the key phrase or at the very least include the key phrase in the first line of the body text. So for example…

Our Poker Stars Bonus code not only gives you a great deposit bonus of up to $600 but also gives you a seat in our monthly $1000 freeroll tournament.

The key phrase should also be repeated at least a few times on the sales page. This is known as keyword density.

For those who are building affiliate sites for perhaps the first time I strongly suggest you use the All In One SEO WordPress Plug-in or Yoast Plug-in. This makes it easier for you to enter meta descriptions & meta keywords.

Your key phrase should appear in both the meta description and meta keywords.

To test your on page SEO you can use online tools such as the SEO Doc. This tool will analyse your page and advise you of changes so that your page is fully optimised.

The above are only the basics of on page SEO. I would strongly advise you to use Google to research further in regards to on page SEO and Keyword density etc.