Content Creation Ideas For Ebooks

This article follows on from my earlier List Building Techniques article. Many struggle to think of subject matter for an eBook so I thought I would do a bit of brainstorming for you. Let’s think about possible content for a sports betting eBook.

Over the last few years sports betting has really evolved with many online sports betting sites now offering in-play betting plus more markets for each game or race than ever before. If you take an hour or so to read many sports betting affiliate sites most only cover the basics type of bets. Many affiliate sites are covering World Cup games but only predicting and giving advice on who will win, or the actual score. There are dozens are markets for each World Cup game including:

  • Team To Win 1st Half
  • Team To Win 2nd Half
  • Half Time Score
  • Full Time Score
  • Over Under 1.5 Goals
  • Over Under 2.5 Goals
  • Over Under 3.5 Goals
  • Over Under 4.5 Goals
  • Number Of Bookings
  • Total Corners

The above are just a few of the markets that are available for every soccer game. There are many more! Most punters simply bet on a team to win plus perhaps the actual score. How about creating an eBook on all the types of bets available?

You could even monitor the sites that offer in-play betting during a game then write an eBook detailing which sites offer the best value. If you check the in-play odds of even a few sites during a game you will find that some sites do indeed offer better odds than others.

How about monitoring the over / under odds during a game on a couple of sites? You could even spend a few hours doing a little research, looking at the teams who are still in the World Cup. If they tend to score early then perhaps they are great value to win the 1st half? If one game features 2 teams with good defences then perhaps over / under 1.5 goals could be suggested as a great bet.

Many affiliates will not do any of the above simply because it involves extra work. Those who do will be the ones who prosper.