General Link Building Techniques

Many new affiliates struggle with the process of link building. They end up building hundreds of poor quality links that have little or no value. So what type of back links should we build? How many back links should we build?

Google states that we should not try to manipulate the Google Algorithm by building links. If we follow the rules set by Google then we should simply produce great content that will attract links naturally. There is no doubt that quality content will in time generate back links, but the trouble is this could take years. By building back links we are in effect at the very least bending the rules set by Google. The art of building back links is to make the back links appear natural to Google. If we overdo the link building process we will be penalised, of that there is no doubt.

Let’s think about how back links will occur naturally. If we have quality content then bloggers will link to our content on their blogs. We may receive back links in blog comments. Our content may be included in niche directories. We may generate links from discussions in forums. Others sites in the same type of niche may also link to us. Those who use Twitter may tweet about our content. Facebook users may also link to our content, as may well will other social networks users. Video Bloggers may discuss our content including links in their video description. Over time our quality content will generate a wide range of links which will range in quality from very low to very high.

Our job is to simply speed up and mimic the process of acquiring links naturally. We want our links to look natural to Google. We should acquire a wide range of links, with I believe, varied quality. A great back link profile would include links from a wide variety of sources with a wide variety of value. It is clear that that if a site only has back links from one source, let’s say blog articles, then this is going to be flagged by Google. Also if a site only has high quality back links this also is going to look unnatural to Google. It is also common sense to realise that if we build a 1000 links in a week, this is of course going to look unnatural to Google.