Purchasing A Domain Name

Before you start to set up your gambling affiliate site you are going to need a domain name. I will tell you that new domain names (domain names with no history) take much longer to rank in Google so these should be avoided. To give yourself a good start you will need a domain name that is at least 2 years old and never been dropped. For those that don’t understand let me go into more detail. Firstly the best place to purchase an aged domain name is the Godday Auction site. Let’s say we are looking for an aged casino domain name.

Go to https://auctions.godaddy.com/

Type “casino” in the search box.

After a few seconds a list of domains will be displayed. This list is updated every day so don’t rush into buying the first domain you see!

For the list perhaps the domain that interests me the most is www.topcasinosignupdeals.com


As you can see the domain is available for only $5. We need those to check the history of the domain.

Let’s check how old the domain is.

How To Check Domain Names

Go to http://whois.domaintools.com/

Enter “topcasinosignupdeals.com” in the search box.

As you can see from the above the domain is 3 years old and has not been dropped. If it had been dropped then it would show in the registrar history. You can also check if this domain was an actual site. Please note that I no longer believe that dropped domains recieve a penalty from Google!

How To Check A Domains History

Go to http://www.archive.org/index.php

Then type www.topcasinosignupdeals.com into the search box. If this domain did at one time have a site then it will be listed. Most will not. You can also check it the domain has any back links. You will understand more about back links as you read through this eBook so don’t worry. To check for back links for this domain:

How To Check Back links

Go to www.yahoo.com

In the search box type “site: www.topcasinosignupdeals.com”

In most cases the domain will have no back links. For a good domain with a decent name that use to be a site and has back links you will in most cases have to pay more, sometimes much more. I have though seen good domains up to 7 years old with even quality back links sell for as little as $10. Many times bargain domains reappear quickly on affiliate forums at a price much higher than they were purchased for. As this is your first site simply go for a domain that costs under $50.

Branding Your site

For www.topcasinosignupdeals.com I’m already thinking about how I could brand this domain. It would be easy to simply make the main site emphasis “Top Casino Sign UP Deals” perhaps with a sub title of “We Only Publish The Best Online Casino Sign Up Deals”. In my opinion this would be a much better domain than something like casino53.com. A better option might be to go for something like tonyscasino.com or something along those lines. Think big, think brand!

Don’t Rush In To Buying A Domain

Again don’t rush into buying a domain. Take the time to choose a domain name that you can brand. If possible try and find a domain that at some time did have a site and a few back links. Make sure the domain you purchase is at least 2 years old with no drops. Also if the domain does have back links ensure these are relevant to your niche. Also make sure the back links are simply not spam.