Beware of Bullshit!

I want this site to be an honest guide for those new to the gambling affiliate industry. There are many great aspects to working in this industry although there are also drawbacks.

I will be honest and say that in general the gambling affiliate world is knee deep in bullshit. From crappy new gambling affiliate programs that have virtually zero chance of long term success to utter garbage that is spewed on affiliate forums. As a new affiliate you need to develop some form of bullshit detector pretty sharpish.

Many times over the last five years I have seen many piss poor garbage skins being promoted as the latest super hot program that is going to make affiliates a fortune. I steer well clear of skins since I got my fingers severely burnt by the Microgaming / Tusk fiasco that saw many poker players lose their entire bankrolls. Of course Microgaming just sat back and did sweet FA. Skins are in general high risk. Skins on small networks are extremely high risk. The recent Aced Poker saga is a prime example why I will never promote any site on the Merge network. Let’s be honest about Merge. Merge has been open to US player for years but still remains one of the smaller networks. If the Merge network was even close to being a quality network then it would have vastly increased its numbers during the last few years

If you read about a new technique to boost your rankings on an affiliate or SEO forum then you can virtually guarantee that the technique has been flogged to death and is no longer of any use. I will be honest and say each year there are indeed a few techniques that come to light that do generate great results but these techniques are strongly guarded. Once they become available to the masses (and of course Google) they quickly become ineffective. I’m sorry to say though that many new affiliates want instant success so you can virtually guarantee that just like sheep they will follow the hype.

When I select a program to promote I believe I am putting my name to the program. I’m never going to promote any program that I’m not 100% positive is trustworthy, offers quality game play, offers my players value plus has great support. I strongly believe that if I only offer the very best programs to my readers that I can build a long term relationship with them ensuring that they will return to my sites time and time again. Don’t treat your readers like idiots. If you give a piss poor program a great review simply to line your own pockets then don’t expect your readers to trust your affiliate site again.