Glitnor Affiliates

Glitnor Affiliates Corporations

An affiliates firm, have strong believe in the potentials of alliance & collaborations together with the backup of proficiency & exposure, solely with the responsibility of promoting casino platforms, alongside considerable Commission rate

Glitnor Affiliates Corporation

The basis & approach whereby a casino gets advanced/expanded exhibit a significant influence on its achievements across the online gambling world.

Promotional pursuits across the online casino sector get improved utilizing the appropriate advertising promotion tactics supported by active collaboration via well-organized associates of visionary minds. The firm thereby merged these basics to establish an efficient associate network.

All through Glitnor Affiliates' existence, it already appeared among the industry-leading affiliate networks, responsible for promoting various popular casino platforms like; Gambola, Lucky Casino & Dora Mahjong.

Trustworthy Status

Every of incorporations & alliances which Glitnor Affiliates gets involved in gets rigorously regulated by official documentations obliged by pair of T & c's, which appertains to both Glitnor alongside its associate collaborators.

You need not to panic since Glitnor goes the extra mile to back up its legality base on the notion that the platform includes among Glitnor Marketing Limited. Glitnor Marketing Limited headquarters situates in Gibraltar along with appropriate license, comprising of a valid Reg identity, regulated under the authority of Gibraltar.

Glitnor Affiliates gains more prestige to its name with the category of individuals handling its engagements, considered to be experts. Besides, they already gain excellent experience in the iGaming world, likewise business knowledge which improves the all-around achievement rating of Giltnor Affiliates

Commissions at Glitnor

Indeed, Commissions arranged by this affiliate body appear to be exceedingly viable. While partnering with this firm can generate a commission value worth 40% of the ultimate incomes.

The incomes designate the funds earned by gamesters topping-up their accounts witch such a casino platform, collaborating with Glitnor, at their first attempt, due to your recommendations to these collaborating platforms.

It's possible to commence to earn at a rate of 30% of the actualized gross income in a particular month being the first-timer. The following boosts apply while the number of referrals raises.

Each time you explore the segment covering rewards at Glitnor, then, you'll get to realize that the maximum commission acquirable as regards casino is 40%, the rate is constant for several casinos such as; Dora Mahjong.

As a further backup, Glitnor Affiliates also enables the privilege to generate passive incomes, only as an alternative commission, which you can take advantage of by bringing into play sub-associates to Glitnor. Nevertheless, take note that a plan like this will gets based on agreement from the relevant associate administrator at Glitnor. Besides, it demands a contract alongside your associate manager.

Alternative Functions

Across this affiliate body, it's possible to have an encounter with the best development, if its publicization, advertising, or promo is efficient.

The tactics adopted across this affiliate body embraces a number of the modernized promotional systems, inclusive of placards & leaflets targeted at bringing forth full privileges for both Glitnor & its associates.

Also, such participants can gain the opportunity of depending on modified data, which can help them to meticulously aim at soon-to-be gamers & appropriately utilize the whole essential advertising & marketing tools to draw more individuals.

Being an associate, you have the opportunity of seeking the counsels of your account overseer. The individual support is to ascertain that it's possible to invoke lots of privileges from your commitments.

Aside from these privileges, participants can decide to be among various affiliates on account of being partnered with Glitnor, & hopeful to higher opportunities.


Glitnor Affiliates significantly have faith in the potentials of alliance & collaborations together with the backup of proficiency & exposure.

Its success over the years is traceable to this notion. Perhaps, you're hoping to partner with this affiliate body; then, you're making the best of decision.

Stay Lucky Partners Affiliates

Stay Lucky Partners Corporations

It's noticeable across various online casino brands, great accomplishment prevailing amidst them all, which primarily accredits to the involvement of several collaborators in the business.

These affiliates handled a crucial task, which secures them to remain exceedingly paramount, which is behind the increment of their member's expanse of whichever online casino & fundamentally influences its total number of gamesters.

Stay Lucky Partners includes among the top affiliates, which already attained an excellent reputation to its services, which includes; advancing casino platforms in the online world.

It gains more prestige & accolades with its collaboration with two of the leading & well-established gaming platforms, like; Stay Lucky Casino & Club Lounge Casino.

Trustworthy Assessment

Among the secrets behind the successful accomplishments of Stay Lucky Partners includes its Proficiency & distinctiveness. As a result, Stay Lucky Partners considers well-planned & stringent T & c's to conducts its overpowering partner program, which is evident from its reliable business methodology its gets involved.

To further back up its authorizing legality, this affiliate ascertains that it creates a liberal chance for its entire collaborators to return with complaints which they might experience associated to the engagements rendered by this body any moment, while they remain a partner.

This concept of flexible measures thereby establishes the collaboration with this body to be exceedingly appreciative, peradventure you desire to hope for a productive partnership for developing one's advancement & publications.

Commission Obtainable at Stay Lucky Partners

While partnering with Stay Lucky Partners, it can be highly rewarding with offers of high worth to the extent of 50% as regards income allocated subject to the population of gamesters, which you already recommended to the corporations gets expanded by this affiliate body.

Then, in the course of one's stay at the first three successive months, such partner qualifies for these offers commencing from the day the participants enroll in their platform, as an associate.

This affiliate Partners grants you alongside a non-payment commission rate of 30% of the gross sum realized as income by the recommended gamesters, with the condition of obtaining a minimum of one ‘licensed account' any moment in time within the specified three months.

The moment any partner breaks these stipulations specified, it then automatedly lessen the commission to a basis of 25%.

The moment you enroll across the Stay Lucky Partners platform, indeed, such a participant can maximize the opportunity of the extreme flexibility allowed by the firm as regards making a selection of the means to generate your portion of revenue with this affiliate body.

Consequently, It's possible to obtain your income via any of this; CPA, Hybrid, CPL, Tenancy & Revenue Share.

Besides, this affiliate body provides the privilege to select the transact system you wish to employ, like; bank transfer, Skrill & Neteller. Such that, it's possible to obtain your commission, every 12th or 22nd of month after month, you bring in more visitors.

Alternative Features

Alongside its plans to promote its various partners & attracting numerous agents, this affiliate body utilizes myriads of creative ideas, including an efficient marketing approach.

A number of the promotional techniques adopted by this body are; promotional codes, video podcasts, adverts placards, article displays, flash movies & leaflets. The rest of the classical approach encompasses the adoption of emails, sketches & pictorial representation.

The secret behind Stay Lucky Partners' efficiency, being a partner provider is that this platform adopts several monitoring approaches, alongside, concentrating on a data which correctly put down your identity, immediately after referring a friend.

Subsequently, you can further have access to deliver the entire associated offerings from your site, based on the specific T & c's assigned by this affiliate body & thereby establish the publications in support of Stay Lucky Partners.


Stay Lucky Partners is an affiliate which appears as the fair option to partner with, Perhaps, you ever have the opinion to promote casinos, being an associate partner across online casino platforms,

Following its Proficiency & freedom, this affiliate body appears hopeful considering its promotion tools. There is an assurance of success for partners with this affiliate body ultimately.




Jumpman Affiliates is under Jumpman Gaming Limited. This one has a very useful marketing platform that helps in the promotion of online casinos. This one find affiliate programs for a great variety of casinos like Fever Bingo, Dove Bingo, Pirate Slots, Sunny Wins, Cash Arcade and Space Wins. With these casinos, players are sure to have the best games coupled with bonuses that are going to blow their socks off. These ones are coupled with a whole lot of other bonuses that will definitely bring the players who want a great gaming experience.


The affiliate programs under this brand are licensed by strict regulators. These ones have a double license actually. The first one is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the second one is the gambling commission in Alderney. So if you are on the lookout to partner with an affiliate brand, Jumpman should definitely be one of the first names on your list.


To get commissions, you need to bring in referred players. So your commissions are actually based on the revenue that your referrals bring in to the online casino. As soon as you sign up, you could gain a commission of 25% immediately. The more your referred players deposit cash at the casino, the greater your commission percentage goes. When you have more than 51 referred players, the percentage of your revenue could go even up 50% which is a whole lot. So, the more players you have, the higher your deposits will be. And with a lot of deposits, you get nice percentages for commissions.

Also, when you affiliate with this brand, as soon as you sign up as a partner affiliate, you will be able to get a commission percentage of up to 50% of the net revenue, but this would only be for the first three months.

More Features

With Jumpman Affiliates, you are able to get regular earnings through players who are sometimes called high rollers. When you have to receive your payment for a particular month, this payment will be sent before the next month ends. The payment options that you could make use of are PaySafeCard, PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and other options.

When it comes to the personal details of the partner affiliates, let us tell you that each of the details you are provided with are completely secure and private. This is done with the use of an encryption security. Also, Jumpman Affiliates has policies when it comes to firewalls and access. This is so you should know just how much your data is protected and secure.


Jumpman offers you a great way to go through marketing techniques that would make your performance a whole lot better. It would also help to increase your commissions. If you partner with this affiliate program, you surely won't regret it.

Why? It is very simple. When a brand has a great réputation in the industry when it concerns payment options, marketing techniques and affiliate programs, you will definitely enjoy a lot of benefits.




When it comes to the marketing of some big name casinos like Black Spins, Sailor Bingo and Red Spins, there is one name behind them. That name is Top Hat Affiliates. When playing at this online casinos,, you have games from software providers like BetSoft, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and NetENT.

With these names offered at casinos, you have a whole lot of players who love them and they definitely find to the casinos. Top Hat Affiliates is licensed by two regulators, United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.


When you just join the affiliate program, for the first three months, you can get up to 50% of the revenue from the referred players at casinos. With Top Hat Affiliates, you can understand the complete Affiliate program even better and get to know your brand even more. As a result of this, the affiliate partners can convert their traffic into players would use real money much more easily at Chelsea Palace, Black Spins, Sailor Bingo and Red Spins. These partners also have the advantage of great reporting and tracking tools and techniques. With these, they would be able to make analysis of what works for them and what doesn't.

After the first three months, the base plan I now what partners would be making use of. With this one, players get commissions based on how much their players deposit. Something that partners can choose is a CPA deal. One thing that a lot of people love about Top Hat Affiliates is the fact that you have no negative carryovers. So at the beginning of a month, all of your negative earnings are cancelled. Also, affiliate partners don't have to mind about bundles. There are no sub affiliations with Top Hat Affiliates.

Extra Features

You have so many extra features with Top Hat Affiliates. You have the Mediacle Affiliate Platform. With this, affiliate partners can access a user-friendly Platform that makes revenue the highest it could be and also, give you best tips to run successful market campaigns. You also have reporting techniques so that each affiliate partner would be able to checks their statistics.

Also, you get commissions everyday. These ones are given every 15th, every month. You could use NETeller, bank wire transfer or get cash.

You need to have a minimum amount in your balance for you to make a bank transfer. But that is not the case with NETeller. Each of the balances you leave in your account go over to the next month. There are charges that partners would incur when making their Withdrawals.


This Affiliate operator has two gambling licenses, one from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and another from the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. These two are very strict and Top Hat Affiliates follows each of their guidelines.

This just goes to prove that the affiliate partners will definitely not need to worry about getting scammed or not getting legit operations. They can refer all their guests through these affiliate programs and earn money.


In the iGaming industry, you will see Top Hat Affiliates doing just the right things. All its partners have access to a comfortable platform and a whole lot of advantages. Also, it is safe as it has two licenses from two top notch regulators. All this just contributes to this brand's great reputation.




A lot of casino brands make use of LINDAR Affiliates. This one was launched in 2014 and has earned a reputation for being a responsible marketer of bingo and casinos. You have casinos under it like 333 Casinos, Oink Bingo, MrQ, Circus Bingo Casino, Rich Ride and Wild Spins Casino

These casinos have games from top notch developers like NetENT, IGT and Evolution Gaming. And these ones are licensed so they follow all the strict guidelines that have been put in place by the UKGC.


Linear Affiliates claims to offer its partners the best affiliate program. Their commission scheme is one that is very exciting and with it, casinos could successfully market their brands. A fully committed account team takes care of all these deals and makes sure that all of the payments are done on time.

If you want to start off with Lindar Affiliates, the first thing you should do is sign up on their page. Then you finish up the process of registration. All of your details would contribute to your commission. With the best reporting tools and marketing techniques, partners have only the latest and most accurate data. Every month, commissions are given out. Partners can take advantage of the share model in which they could get from 25% to 50% and a portion of the entire revenue.

Leaving apart this revenue share model, there is a chance for partners to get in contact with the managers of the affiliate program so that they could set up a deal tailored to them. They could make use of a CPA model or maybe a hybrid model that would customize their commission models just how they want it.


Linear Affiliates has toes to the group and this one is well-known for just good things. It is the host of quite a number of white lable casino and bingo platforms. But that is not all. They just launched an in-house bingo platform known as MrQ.

If you decide to sign up for the affiliate program under Linear Affiliates, you will definitely not regret it.




More and more, the obline gambling industry is gaining popularity. For casinos to stay in the loop, they partner up with affiliate programs. With these ones, they have a whole lot of advantages that would get them players from all round the world and also give them more revenue. The program that Lucky7 offers is ones that brings value to both the affiliate marketers and the casino partners. The first thing you will see at this casino world be the motto. It says, “Diligence is the mother of Good Luck.”


One thing that all affiliate partners need to check is the fact that their affiliate programs have great brands with them. Lucky7 Affiliates has as brand Spicy Spins.

Why Choose This Program

You have diverse reasons why Lucky7 Affiliates should be the obvious choice. The casino that is under this brand is a very successful casino with a whole lot of features. So, you will have higher chances of getting a commission.

Something else that would be important for you to note is the fact that this affiliate program is that every casino is very convenient. All the payments are made in time. With the steady tricking stream of income, you will be financially stable for a while. With Lucky7 Affiliates, you have diverse ways to collect your winnings. Some of them are Skrill, Wire Transfer and NETeller. This is very convenient as well. As an affiliate partner, you can get in touch with an affiliate manager for any issue.


With Lucky7 Affiliates, you have a big portion of the commission. When you check the website, you will see a roaring lion. You are actually lion. Because here you are king. For your first three months, the percentage you get is 50%. This is definitely a beautiful deal.

You will have no issue with the time when it comes to the commissions for the affiliate program. If you want a legit affiliate program that would let you win every month then you should definitely be considering Lucky7 Affiliates.


Lucky7 has spent a lot of time working so it could realize its dreams. The team behind this successful brand is very committed. Also, the fact that they offer great rates and bonus points is one thing that would attract a whole lot of affiliate partners.




With Sun Partners, you definitely know that you will be able to promote your online casino. With the right affiliate program, you can get a whole lot of traffic on your website, which is a very good thing. So with these programs, casinos gain even more players, all the while earning commissions. Online casinos that of great name and gave good reputations make use of affiliate programs so as to make their platforms really popular. Just like many other affiliate platforms out there, performance is the main drive behind the whole Sun Partners platform. It is a cycle. When affiliate partners put in their best so as to make the customet base grow even further, the casinos will in turn get even more traffic. And more traffic means obviously more profits.

Sun Partners has a double license. The first one is from the Malta Gaming Authority and the second one is from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This simply means that they would be able to reach a target audience of players in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.


Sun Partners own a casino brand. This one's name is Jumbo Casino. On this platform you would find a large range of casino games like live dealer games, bingo, jackpots, scratch cards, slots and many more. These games are powered by software providers like Microgaming, NetENT, Novomatic, ELK Studios, Rabcat, Thunderkick, Evolution Gaming and many more. These big names in the industry are sure to offer every player a mix of quality, speed, entertainment and fun. Players who are sent to this casino by the affiliate program stay very loyal. When casino players have great experiences, Sun Partners affiliate partners would just end up earning even more in commissions.


You have an amazing variety of commissions offered by Sun Partners. These ones go from the First Level to the VIP Level. Let's say you are at the first level. If players generate revenue of €10,000 at the casino, then your commission would go up to 40%. When you reach the second second level, so long as your revenues reach €25,000, you would earn 45% in commissions. The third level is even more challenging. If player generated revenue goes up to €50,000, then the commission earned would go right up to 50%. But the commission that would give you the most advantage is the one offered by the VIP Level. With this one, you get a 55% commission. Affiliate partners very much prefer this option, especially the ones who would love to promote themselves.

Payments and Transactions

You have three main payment options when it comes to Sun Partners. They are ewallet, NETeller and UK BACS. Every transaction is conducted in euros. You get your commissions on the 25th of each month. Nevertheless, you will have to pay a small charge so that you could get your commissions. The list is as follows:

Bank Transfer: €100

Ewallet: €100

UK BACS: €100

NETeller; €100

One thing that Sun Partners wants is your utmost security. This is why every payment method proposed on this page so as to protect every player and their personal details.

If you have an issue or a question concerning payment (or any other topic) then you can get in touch with the support team by emailing them. You will be able to reach them 24/7 and they are always there to take care of all of your issues. When it comes to questions and issues, you have separate emails. There is one that is just for issues related to payment and payment methods. The other is for mkfevgeneral questions. Just go to the website and you will see these emails. You have an online form that would enable them to put your question in if you have no desire to get in touch his with them through email.

Main Pros

There are some ways that Sun Partners uses go work. The fiest one is by creating backlinks of each of their website. When you create these, your SEO score goes and so you will get even more traffic on your website. Another thing they take care of is SEO and marketing that would cater to all your issues. The only thing you would have to worry about is converting the players that visit your site


We would definitely recommend Sun Partners, as would a few other people. This platform is for those who want to extend their affiliate marketing business and make good profit. There are so many affiliate programs that would encounter, so you have to choose which one is for you, making sure to choose the one that suits you most. One thing that you should note is that you have nice credit score offered by Sun Partners this partnered with a the great deals it offers and the SEO facility. This would definitely be a brand to belong to.




With Rovert Affiliates, casinos promote their platforms very easily, getting traffic to their casino websites. And while getting new players, casinos can earn more. Most successful online casinos nowadays make use of affiliate programs so as to bring new players to their websites. This network has been able to build up a great reputation for itself. It has a double license, Malta Gaming Authority and United Kingdom Gambling Commission, so it targets players who are in the United Kingdom and out of it


You have three major brands operating under this casino. They are Pocket Vegas, Glimmer Casino and Dazzel Casino. These ones offer games like live casino games, bingo, jackpots, scratch cards and slots. This brand is also an affiliate partner to UK Slots, a casino that offers a very large amount of slot games.

Software developers that are associated to this brand are Microgaming, NetENT and Evolution Gaming. This one's are always making sure that their games are up to par and that players would enjoy them completely. This is why Rovert would have no problem getting players for the casinos that are their affiliate partners.


You have a great variety of commissions with Rovert Affiliates. When you just join, for a period of 3 months, you get 50% of net revenue. After this there are three types of commissions they offer.

With a revenue of €5,000- €6,000, you get 35©

With a revenue of €6,000 – €16,000, you get 40%

With a revenue of €16,000 and more, you get 50%.

Payments and Transactions

You have 4 main payment options with Rovert Affiliates. They are bank transfer, Skrill, PayPal and UK BACS. Each of your transactions would be made in euro and by the middle of the month, you get your pay.

For your full protection, each of the payment methods makes use of an SSL encryption technology. If you have more issues concerning payment methods, just contact the support team. You can fill a contact form, call them or email them.


Rovert Affiliates is a very big competitor in the industry. Their program is a trustworthy one and their support team is great. If you are partnered with this brand, then you will enjoy a whole lot of advantages from the great commissions to the useful marketing techniques.




When it comes to promoting a online casino in a successful way, the two main components involved would be marketing and advertising. Using these two elements and some more, Maxi Affiliates has managed to stay on top and is constantly gaining more and more ground in the area of affiliate programs.

You will have so many reasons to get with Maxi Affiliates if your desire is to be an affiliate marketer. Some of the casino brands and well known bingo brands that Maxi Affiliates runs its program with are Mr. SuperPlay Casino, Hippozino Casino, BingoZino and Bid Bingo.


When it comes to reputation, Max Affiliates has a good one. It has made sure that everyone in the iGaming knows it as a serious affiliate partner. Much of this popularity has come as a result of the fact that it is completely transparent.

The flexibility of the interface of Maxi Affiliates is just one of the many benefits that you would get if you joined it. Also, you have some terms and conditions (very easy to understand) that tie all of its partners. As an affiliate partner, before getting involved with any of the services that Maxi Affiliates proposes, you would have to take into account a few legal implications. This casino is all about responsible gaming. One thing you should also note is the fact that players would only get referrals to already licensed casinos.

Maxi Affiliates is very well structured with a great framework and clearly drawn out rules and regulations. This just go to show how serious this brand is. This is one of the main reasons why Maxi Affiliates is coming up in the industry.

As a Maxi Affiliates partner, you would get very appealing commissions. During the first month, you could be getting better revenues that could go as high as 50%. As time goes on, the commission increases gradually. The lowest rate is 25% of the net revenues.

When you earn your commission in one month, you get it the next month on the 25th. You have different payment methods with Maxi Affiliates. You just have to make your choice and start receiving your commissions. You could make use of PayPal, NETeller, electronic transfer, wire or bank transfer.

More Features

With Maxi Affiliates, you have a whole big range of marketing techniques and tools. You also have reporting that is very effective. Some of the tools are using advanced tracking applications. With these ones, you can reach the your future players more easily and keep them. Also, you will be able to manage all of your accounts well. You know that you can't go wrong with Maxi Affiliates, especially with the decades kf experience that they have under their pockets.


When it comes to professionalism, Maxi Affiliates has it all. Its platform is operated smoothly. If you want a nice profit and get even more from the marketing tools that this platform proposes. This website is one definitely one that you should visit.




As concerns promoting online casinos, one brand that has gained a lot of popularity and success when it comes to Affiliates is CasinoPartners365. This brand has a network of great affiliate partners. This brand has that perfect mix between marketing tools and techniques and a good creative team. They join this so as to make a nice variety of affiliate programs that are highly effective and give the best results only.

CasinoPartners365 has an affiliate program that involves a lot of really well-known brands like Blu Casino, Madame Chance and Triomphe Casino.


When it comes to reliability, there are no two brands like CasinoPartners365. This one is really professional and with all its decades of experience in the industry running affiliate programs, it has a lot to offer to each of its partners. CasinoPartners365 has a network of affiliates have the best marketing strategies. They combine this with great business practices and these two result in a great number of players that have gotten into this casino so as to get the best casino experience.

So if you want to get under CasinoPartners365's affiliate program, then you should definitely know that you will get some of the best deals


If you decide to join CasinoPartners365's affiliate program, then you get a base commission of 45% of the net revenue generated from player referrals. These ones have terms and conditions though. You can even get up to 50% of the revenue. The average conversion rate is 44-45% and some percentage could even go up go 70%

Also, when you are with CasinoPartners365, you have to chance to offer referrals to your family, colleagues or friends and get 5% of the profits that each of them earn.

More Features

You get so many advantages when you are under this brand's affiliate program. When you get to be part of this big network, you will have the benefit of making use of a great range of marketing tools. These ones are backed by statistics, you have different ways of tracking and you can use various material like banners, newsletters and affiliate content.

For the base for potential players to be even higher, the network that CP365 offers has a whole lot of games that a lot of players really love. You have live dealer games, video slots, table games and video poker.

When you are a part of this platform, you get the advantage of getting all your payments in the first week of each month. With CasinoPartners365, you have different options to receive all your commissions. You can use NETeller, wire transfer and Skrill


If you are in need of an online platform that is going to build up promotions and give you some nice earnings from all your commission alongside the residual revenue. CasinoPartners365 is definitely a brand you should be under.

When you partner with this network, you have the most effective and the latest marketing techniques at your disposal, all this for your various promotions. You will also be able to build up your own affiliate business.