Gambling Link Building Techniques

There are many ways to build links to your site and of course if you have a decent site you should gain links naturally. The trouble is the gambling affiliate niche is very competitive plus of course profitable so to rank for competitive key phrases you are going to need some form of link building plan.

Many build links blindly whilst other wrongly believe that they should only acquire links with a decent page rank. If you intend to build links then you should set out to acquire links from many different types of site so you end up with a good back link profile.

Let’s start of by being honest about the process of link building. Many methods of link building are against the terms set by Google. For instance any site caught selling links runs the risk of losing page rank and perhaps even rankings. For some reason Google seems more likely to penalise links sellers than buyers. Many of the sites with great rankings for extremely competitive key phrases have in effect purchased their rankings by buying links.

Let’s look at ways you can build your back link profile.

Get Your Cheque Book Out

Perhaps the most effective way is to simply buy links on quality sites. Yes of course this does have it dangers but let’s be honest that many with successful sites do this.


I know many class directory links as low value links but this simply is not the case with quality established niche directories. I make sure my sites have at least a good few links from quality directories that have been established for at least a couple of years.

Article Directories

I believe Article Directory links have less power than perhaps a year ago. A good article though can generate traffic plus a decent click through rate.

Blog Comments

I’m not at all keen on blog comments as most blog comment links have little value plus are blatant spamming. I do though like to add a few quality blog comments as part of my back link profile.

YouTube Videos

I believe YouTube can not only be a great source of back links but also a great source of traffic. I have a couple of sites that seem to have picked up decent PR with ONLY YouTube links.

Blogs Network

There are many sites such as WordPress & Blogger that offer a free blog hosting service. If you build a free blog network with quality articles including links to your site you will help your rankings. Don’t though use these free services to post spammy articles as you will damage your site’s rankings.

Mini Sites

Build quality mini sites that link to your main site. Again don’t build spam sites! If you take the time to quality build mini sites then these sites will become earning sites plus of course increase the ranking of your main site.

There are many other ways to increase you back link profile which we will discuss in later posts. I will say though, don’t take short cuts creating links with spam. Spamming may help your short term rankings but in the long term will in 99% of cases damage your site.