Basic Off Page SEO

For competitive key phrases such as “Poker Stars Bonus” many webmaster are in effect at war to obtain the top rankings. Breaking down off page SEO to the very basics, the more links on other websites to your sales page, which include your key phrase, the more you will increase your ranking for the key phrase.

So for our key phrases ideally we would like to get as many links to our website as per the example below.

If you intend to sign up to Poker Stars then ensure you claim a Poker Stars Bonus of up to $600. Some sites will even offer you a seat in a $1000 freeroll.

Note how the link above includes our exact key phrase and links to our sales page.

Again I’m just teaching you the very basics. All links are not equal. Many links carry very little or no value whilst other links have immense power. We will discuss link building in greater details in other articles.