Planning and Research

The process of setting up your very first gambling affiliate site can be a mind blowing ordeal. To simplify things a little I have broken the process down to ten stages. One great tip I will give you is don’t rush. Taking time to plan and research your site will pay dividends in the long run.

One of the major skills any new affiliate should have is the ability to create quality content. It is essential that for the niche you choose, your are able to generate at least a couple of quality articles daily. Long term quality content will generate sign ups.

Many niches wit in the gambling industry are saturated whilst some niches are more profitable than others. For some reason many new gambling affiliates seem to want to jump into the very competitive niche of poker simply because they know of others who have made a small fortune from this niche. For now the online poker boom is well and truly over. Many European sites are reporting reduced turnover in the poker sector plus more of the small sites are going bust than ever before. Many believe that poker is the most profitable niche in the gambling industry but this simply is not true.

Let’s imagine we have 2 punters who are just about to make a deposit to an online gambling site. Both are going to deposit $100. One deposits at a poker room we are promoting whilst the other deposits at an online casino we are promoting. At both sites we have a 30% revenue share deal. The poker player plays 9 x $10 + $1 sngs whilst the casino player opts to play slots. The poker player wins a few games and ends up playing 24 x $10 + $1 sngs before he goes bust. Our casino player at one stage is up $50 but like most slot players he feeds his winnings back into the slot. How much would we earn for each player? For the poker player we earn 30% revenue on all the rake generated. So for our poker player sign up we earn 30% of $24 which is $7.20. For the casino player we earn 30% of all loses so we earn 30% of $100 which is $30.

So not only is the poker niche very competitive but for losing players it is less profitable. Sports betting and even bingo work in the same way as casino revenue share so you earn commission on players loses. So let’s make things easier for us for our very first site. Let’s forget about poker preferring to target something less competitive plus more rewarding.

As I have already stated in a previous article “Emerging Markets In The Gambling Sector” there are many new niches which could prove very rewarding and profitable. First sit down and write out your interests. Remember you need something that you can write about every day. I can relate to a friend who last year was setting up his first site. He was a keen follower of football so as you can imagine he was keen to set up an online football tipping site. As he was a Chelsea fan he wanted to target the English Premier League. This of course would have been a bad mistake as there were already dozens if not hundreds of sites already doing this plus even most of the national UK newspapers also devoted part of their online websites to this niche.

You simply have to start by making things easier for yourself. Starting with a site targeting Premier League football you are virtually committing yourself to failure as the niche is simply too competitive. If you are determined to target a competitive niche you need to find a less competitive sub niche within the main niche.

If you use Google to search for “Premier League Football” or “Premier League Betting” you will quickly see this is a very competitive market. However if you search for the lower leagues of English football you will find these are far less competitive. Find a uncompetitive sub niche!

Use online key phrase tools to research how competitive search terms are. Take your time as there is no rush. The planning and research stage is perhaps one of the most important stages of setting up your site. Poor planning and research will in most cases damage your chances of long term success!

My friend opted to create a site targeting lower league English football of which I’m delighted to say he is doing rather well.

Take your time planning and researching to find an uncompetitive but profitable niche!