Affiliate Strategy – Make your site a success!

This section is intended for those who want to dip their toes in to the world of gambling affiliation. Complete step by step guide to creating your own site plus an action plan to make your site a success.

The Strategy is simple. You simply create 2 sites using WordPress. One site will be your main affiliate site whilst the second site will be used for selling links and link exchanges. Most of your time will be taken up building links for your main site (affiliate site). For the second site you will simply be adding a few links per day so that this site picks up a healthy page rank during the next Google page rank update. Any revenue generated from links sales will be ploughed into your affiliate site. The articles in this section will guide you through every process of building your site. Read through this entire section then read the start up action plan. Once your sites are up and running simply follow the daily action plan.

You don’t have to be any sort of IT genius to become a successful affiliate. I would say that you do need to able to write decent articles plus of course your chances of success will vastly increase in you are dedicated and self motivated.

Many start out in the affiliate industry working on their sites in their spare time. In most cases though success is not instant, so as you can imagine many affiliates fail to make the break through to become full time affiliates.

I’m not going to promise that you can easily generate a 6 figure income because only a very small percentage of gambling affiliates achieve that. If you are dedicated and self motivated monthly revenue of up to £5000 is possible. You are going to have to dedicate at least 2 hours a day to this project at the very least if you are going to make it in the long term. The more time you devote to this project then the greater your chance of success.