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MARKETING COMPANIES: There are (to) many casino marketing companies on the net today. I am not talking about affiliate program sites but those that ‘market' casinos. They will contact you relentlessly. You will get almost as much spam from them as you do herbal viagra and mortgage loans. They will offer you ‘generous' CPA deals ( make sure you read the CPA section to see what you should be doing now ). They will put your site in front of millions of gamblers foaming at the mouth, ready to max out their credit cards. So you say to yourself, ‘Self, I think I am going to hire me a marketing wiz to get me some of that thar' traffic'. -INSERT DUH HERE- Well rube, just what in blazes do you think YOU are. If you can't market your own site, then why should a casino pay you to market theirs.?????

Now I wont say that using a service is always bad. Just make sure you get a win win situation out of it. If they want to sell you CPA, first and foremost, ask them if they also BUY CPA. You shouldn't be surprised why they will sell this way but refuse to buy this way. They are always looking for new traffic sources just as you are. So make sure you are treated as an equal. What they do is no different from what you do, they just generally hire more out of work used car salesmen.

Banner Exchanges, Pop ups/unders, Hits, Exit Exchanges and more are covered in the TRAFFIC area of this site. Even though it is all marketing, this type of marketing rates it's own section.

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