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SEARCH ENGINES: A no brainer. Currently, Google is the king of the hill in SE traffic. The importance of a good listing in Google cannot be stressed enough. Learn all you can about it and what it likes and dislikes and give it what it wants. A top listing there is as good if not better then a top listing in Overture for $1-$20 less per click. Google also now supplements AOL search results and this is another large block of traffic you wont want to ignore. Other search engines of note are: Alta Vista, MSN ( included via Inktomi ), DMOZ ( though they have some issues to deal with in this category ), Fast/All the web, Mamma and Excite. Some of these will charge you a fee for listing your site and some offer free submissions. Gambling Crawler (bingo)is a gambling/Casino specific search engine that can provide some traffic.