Armstrong Affiliates

Review on the Legitimate Armstrong Affiliates

This happens to be the Dreamz casino that was recently launched an official promoter. Considering the fact that it is a new casino, it has made a conscious effort in making campaigns such that it will gain the attention of the punters all around the globe

The website is designed in such a way that provision is made for varieties of languages, and you can easily access it using your mobile or web browser. Malta Gaming Authority is responsible for the licensing of this casino

Trust and Legitimacy

The dealings with Armstrong Affiliates is entirely legal, as it is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. We don't have to doubt the Armstrong affiliates, and they are making a serious follow up to ensure the continuity of the ethical business practices

It as well makes use of the IAS. The Income Access Software gives the affiliates enablement to effectively access reports that are of wide range with statistics that are extensive on the performance and earnings. Also, some reports are of real-time accuracy

Considering the fact that the particular check is put in place, there will be 100% assurance that the program has reliability. Going by the statistics released by Income Access, we can conclude the revenue is safe and fair


The revenue-sharing arrangement of the Armstrong affiliates is transparent and straightforward. Within program, the affiliates have the chance for earning a percentage share of the total revenue made by their player, the payment is always made on month endings

You can get to see the percentage share of the commission by making use of the affiliate's website. Satisfaction should be given to the affiliates to ensure the fact that the program looks encouraging, and there is nothing like carryover; all months are started afresh.

Benefits to be derived from Armstrong Affiliates

The advantages offered by Armstrong affiliates ensures the provision of enticing benefits which include

  • Payments can be made through Mastercard, Neteller, Bank Transfer, and Visa. Armstrong Affiliates is well known for its timely payment which is always on the 15th
  • There are a wide range of popular games that will entice and bring up more players such that you will have a better commission at the end of the day
  • €200 is the minimum payment that you can get monthly
  • There is nothing like negative carry over as your chances of winning gets high monthly


There should be no room for hesitation when you are about checking the Affiliates. The affiliate program is highly profitable. This program has invested such that it will build a business relationship that will last long. It ensures the fact that the revenue sharing is reasonably fair to its partner and client and the payment is always on a regular base

Even though this affiliate program is associated with a single casino, how popular it is should make people build a reasonable connection