As concerns promoting online casinos, one brand that has gained a lot of popularity and success when it comes to Affiliates is CasinoPartners365. This brand has a network of great affiliate partners. This brand has that perfect mix between marketing tools and techniques and a good creative team. They join this so as to make a nice variety of affiliate programs that are highly effective and give the best results only.

CasinoPartners365 has an affiliate program that involves a lot of really well-known brands like Blu Casino, Madame Chance and Triomphe Casino.


When it comes to reliability, there are no two brands like CasinoPartners365. This one is really professional and with all its decades of experience in the industry running affiliate programs, it has a lot to offer to each of its partners. CasinoPartners365 has a network of affiliates have the best marketing strategies. They combine this with great business practices and these two result in a great number of players that have gotten into this casino so as to get the best casino experience.

So if you want to get under CasinoPartners365's affiliate program, then you should definitely know that you will get some of the best deals


If you decide to join CasinoPartners365's affiliate program, then you get a base commission of 45% of the net revenue generated from player referrals. These ones have terms and conditions though. You can even get up to 50% of the revenue. The average conversion rate is 44-45% and some percentage could even go up go 70%

Also, when you are with CasinoPartners365, you have to chance to offer referrals to your family, colleagues or friends and get 5% of the profits that each of them earn.

More Features

You get so many advantages when you are under this brand's affiliate program. When you get to be part of this big network, you will have the benefit of making use of a great range of marketing tools. These ones are backed by statistics, you have different ways of tracking and you can use various material like banners, newsletters and affiliate content.

For the base for potential players to be even higher, the network that CP365 offers has a whole lot of games that a lot of players really love. You have live dealer games, video slots, table games and video poker.

When you are a part of this platform, you get the advantage of getting all your payments in the first week of each month. With CasinoPartners365, you have different options to receive all your commissions. You can use NETeller, wire transfer and Skrill


If you are in need of an online platform that is going to build up promotions and give you some nice earnings from all your commission alongside the residual revenue. CasinoPartners365 is definitely a brand you should be under.

When you partner with this network, you have the most effective and the latest marketing techniques at your disposal, all this for your various promotions. You will also be able to build up your own affiliate business.