This happens to be an affiliate program for a casino; the brands include Luckme and DundUp casino.

A program has been created in such a way that money can be earned in a way that is efficient and convenient. Curacao is responsible for its licensing and registration

Affiliates that partner with plum affiliates should rest assured that the payment and statistics are legitimate. There is proper monitoring for the work rate of the affiliates, and their efforts are well remunerated. Encouragement is being given to the affiliate partners such that they will have the inspiration to perform in a better way

Reasons why you choose plum

The reasons why you have to select Plum Affiliates are numerous

  • Commissions that can be gotten may be up to 45%, and will not be subjected to any negative carryover, all months are started afresh
  • Being an affiliate partner, you will be allowed to access all information that includes payments, traffic statistics, and commissions at any given time
  • You will enjoy working with the affiliate team, as all your needs will be supplied. The team are polite, knowledgeable and prompt in responding to any issue you have
  • There is no extra fee incurred on making registration with Plum Affiliates
  • It's not a must for you to have a webpage because you can make use of some other platform which include message boards, email services, and the social media
  • NetRefer supports the Plum affiliates. Their transparent statistics are complete, and they are of great usefulness. Provisions are made for the download of the report on gambling activity, earnings, advertising campaigns, and the promotional content performance

Commission Plans

The commission plan is quite outstanding. The amount of revenue that you will be getting solely depends on the deposit made by the players you refer to. The basis of this program is on mutual benefit, and the affiliate partner is being paid a fixed rate

On plum affiliates, the commission to be enjoyed might be as high as 45%. Monthly payments are being given to all the players. A significant reason that is responsible for the popularity of this casino is how consistent its services are.


This body can be said to be one of the affiliate's body that is well established in the current market, the expectations it set for the affiliates in term of numbers is quite realistic. It ensures the fact that it makes use of the basics, and revenue sharing is reasonably fair. There's a high rate of retention indicating that the commissions to be enjoyed by the affiliates are quite alright