Glitnor Affiliates

Glitnor Affiliates Corporations

An affiliates firm, have strong believe in the potentials of alliance & collaborations together with the backup of proficiency & exposure, solely with the responsibility of promoting casino platforms, alongside considerable Commission rate

Glitnor Affiliates Corporation

The basis & approach whereby a casino gets advanced/expanded exhibit a significant influence on its achievements across the online gambling world.

Promotional pursuits across the online casino sector get improved utilizing the appropriate advertising promotion tactics supported by active collaboration via well-organized associates of visionary minds. The firm thereby merged these basics to establish an efficient associate network.

All through Glitnor Affiliates' existence, it already appeared among the industry-leading affiliate networks, responsible for promoting various popular casino platforms like; Gambola, Lucky Casino & Dora Mahjong.

Trustworthy Status

Every of incorporations & alliances which Glitnor Affiliates gets involved in gets rigorously regulated by official documentations obliged by pair of T & c's, which appertains to both Glitnor alongside its associate collaborators.

You need not to panic since Glitnor goes the extra mile to back up its legality base on the notion that the platform includes among Glitnor Marketing Limited. Glitnor Marketing Limited headquarters situates in Gibraltar along with appropriate license, comprising of a valid Reg identity, regulated under the authority of Gibraltar.

Glitnor Affiliates gains more prestige to its name with the category of individuals handling its engagements, considered to be experts. Besides, they already gain excellent experience in the iGaming world, likewise business knowledge which improves the all-around achievement rating of Giltnor Affiliates

Commissions at Glitnor

Indeed, Commissions arranged by this affiliate body appear to be exceedingly viable. While partnering with this firm can generate a commission value worth 40% of the ultimate incomes.

The incomes designate the funds earned by gamesters topping-up their accounts witch such a casino platform, collaborating with Glitnor, at their first attempt, due to your recommendations to these collaborating platforms.

It's possible to commence to earn at a rate of 30% of the actualized gross income in a particular month being the first-timer. The following boosts apply while the number of referrals raises.

Each time you explore the segment covering rewards at Glitnor, then, you'll get to realize that the maximum commission acquirable as regards casino is 40%, the rate is constant for several casinos such as; Dora Mahjong.

As a further backup, Glitnor Affiliates also enables the privilege to generate passive incomes, only as an alternative commission, which you can take advantage of by bringing into play sub-associates to Glitnor. Nevertheless, take note that a plan like this will gets based on agreement from the relevant associate administrator at Glitnor. Besides, it demands a contract alongside your associate manager.

Alternative Functions

Across this affiliate body, it's possible to have an encounter with the best development, if its publicization, advertising, or promo is efficient.

The tactics adopted across this affiliate body embraces a number of the modernized promotional systems, inclusive of placards & leaflets targeted at bringing forth full privileges for both Glitnor & its associates.

Also, such participants can gain the opportunity of depending on modified data, which can help them to meticulously aim at soon-to-be gamers & appropriately utilize the whole essential advertising & marketing tools to draw more individuals.

Being an associate, you have the opportunity of seeking the counsels of your account overseer. The individual support is to ascertain that it's possible to invoke lots of privileges from your commitments.

Aside from these privileges, participants can decide to be among various affiliates on account of being partnered with Glitnor, & hopeful to higher opportunities.


Glitnor Affiliates significantly have faith in the potentials of alliance & collaborations together with the backup of proficiency & exposure.

Its success over the years is traceable to this notion. Perhaps, you're hoping to partner with this affiliate body; then, you're making the best of decision.