Single tier multi tier programs

What's the difference and why should you care?

Because it effects your bottom line and anything that has an effect on the amount of dollars going into your pocket you damn well better start caring about. The programs out there are pretty evenly split 50/50 on which type they offer.


This is the easiest to understand and requires no effort on your part at all. You market the casino to players and you get paid based on the type of payment plan and program you have signed up for as discussed before. If another webmaster finds the casino program via your link and signs up, it will have no effect on your income.


Ok, now you have more work to do and thought to put into this. If you want to take advantage of it. Multi tier works just like the single tier as far as the players are concerned. The play and you get paid as normal.


If a webmaster finds the casino via your link and signns up for the program, then you will stand to make a percentage of what that webmaster makes. The webmaster is considered ‘under you' or for those that come from an MLM background, part of your downline.

It should be said right now that no matter how many webmasters you have under you, they will NOT be paid any less then they would normally make had they signed up direct. If it is a 25% net program, they will still get the full 25%.
YOU on the other hand will get a small percentage of their net. It varies but is generally in the 2-5% range. It isn't much but it is far better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick and if you get enough performing webmasters under you it will add up.
OK, that scenario above is for a 2 Tier Program. Some are 3-4-5 even 10 tiers deep. It all works the same. You get a % of the webmaster under you and you will get a smaller % for a webmaster that signs up under them. They will also get the ‘second' tier percentage of the webmaster under them that you get for them being under you. This goes on for as deep as the program allows.

Simple? Really it is.

So you will need to consider if and how you will market the program to other webmasters as well as players. There is no reason to not take advantage of it since it is already there and means more potential income for you for about the same amount of work. A simple WEBMASTER page with your multi tier programs and a description of them with your link is all that many do. Just remember the quote on the front page here, a banner farm will draw a lot less interest then a good description of WHY they should sign up under you.

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