Targeted Traffic

If you are reading the pages in order, then you already know that TARGETED TRAFFIC is king in this business and lack of it will hasten your exit to your future as an Amway salesperson. If you are NOT reading the pages in order and you jumped here to find out where you will get the traffic that will turn you into the next casino affiliate millionaire, sorry to disappoint but this will be more of where NOT to get traffic more than where to get it.

With any luck this will save you a dollar or two that can be used for more effective and honest marketing techniques. Again the word HONEST rears it's ugly head. In the traffic area, even more than in the casino affiliate area, honesty is more often then not the exception rather than the rule. It seems these days everyone is a traffic broker. Everyone has millions of targeted hits to sell you cheap. You know the tout.

“If you have a $24.95 product to sell and just 1% of the 10,000,000 people you spam to respond, then you will be able to buy your own Caribbean Island”. OR “We can provide you with up to 100,000 HIGHLY TARGETED hits a day from our laser targeted network of sites.”

Now if you believe this, I will say goodbye now because you will not be around in this business long and just wasted money that you could have had more fun starting a barbeque with. We will cover some of the more popular cheap traffic here. Some are worthless, some are just pretty close to it and maybe some you can turn into your benefit.

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