Few Basics

Content is good, advertising is good but more of each is not. Not everyone has high speed connections to the net so keep the page size reasonable.
CHECK YOUR SPELLING. This is a webSITE not a webSIGHT.If you are color blind, or people ask you if you are, get help with the colors.
You are trying to market here, not make a statement about your tastes, or lack thereof. You may think you have created the slickest 500K flash animation in the world and everyone will want to see it. Well you would be wrong. Flash or trash is far to common on the net and people burned out on it back in the 90's.
See how your SITE looks in different screen resolutions. Absolute tables and layers will sometimes turn out not quite how you expected.

OK, now your site looks fine, your spelling is readable, so where to market? We are not going to go in too deep but will provide a few ideas and some great resources that will help you get started.