Casino Banner Exchange

Very similar to the exit exchange above except in this case you will be showing a banner, usually a 468×60 in size in exchange for your banner being shown on other related sites. The use of lotto traffic is probably far more prevalent in this area then in the exit exchange area based on the poor click through ratios you can expect. It also has to do with the ‘less than prime' placement members give the banners. But when you are just starting out this is something you will want to consider and once your traffic has reached a point you can live with, DUMP IT. Again, know who you are dealing with. Shaving here is done by many of the exchanges clear down to your bones. Affiliate code hijacking is also done, that is, your code is removed from the link and they replace it with theirs, so be careful. It is an unfortunate price with the ‘coming of age' in this business.