POP UPS/UNDERS/DOTS:This is very popular with the rip off crowd. They offer to sell you GUARANTEED POP UNDER EXIT TRAFFIC. Yeah right. What you will get is a huge bump in your hit counter and ZERO conversions. Why? Because no one will ever see your site. Many of these hucksters run a simple script that opens your website in a 2×2 pixel ‘dot' at the bottom of another page. The visitor never even knows it has happened. With this set up traffic is normally bought from high traffic adult sites, points at target sites on many hosts that in turn run the script to show a ‘hit' to your site. Used in this way, one porn visitor can be turned into 10-20 even 50+ hits on the poor suckers sites that fell for this line of crap. This program and sites that promote them could even be found for sale almost daily on the major online auction sites. Jimmiesmegamillionhitsaday.com is NOT where you should put your marketing dollar.

One of the telltale signs of a ‘possible' scam is that you are not allowed to have any pop ups on YOUR site, and the guarantee. It will refund whatever % of your money for the hits they fail to deliver. Why? Well the first because if you have any pops then the visitor who is unknowingly providing the ‘hit' to your site will see it and know something is up. And the scammer run anywhere from 2-10+ sites at a time and doesn't want 20 popups hitting the unsuspecting visitors. The second reason being, there are a lot of people running this scam and you can't always get the traffic inventory when you need it. Too many thieves crowding the market these days it seems. Know your source and you will not need to worry about losing your cash.

A VERY STRONG NOTE. Not every pop up/under broker is dishonest. Not at all. There are many that will provide you with good, clean, honest traffic. It is up to you to do your homework and check them out before spending a cent with them. Check out the WHOIS on the site. Are they new, using an obviously fake address, a free email address, BS phone number? If so, move on because you probably just saved yourself some money.

AN EVEN STRONGER NOTE – WE are evaluating a traffic program at this very minute. If it is as good as it looks, we will be making both TARGETED and UNTARGETED traffic available to our users in the very near future. So watch for it (possibly) soon.