You will have to market the site. The better you market, the more traffic you will see and traffic is king, or so ‘they' say. The truth is TARGETED traffic is king. While it may be exciting, at least for a while to watch your counter numbers spin, the excitement fades when the bank account numbers don't. ONE visitor that converts to a player is worth more then 10,000 that do not. If your player base, and by extension, your income increase as your traffic increases, great, you've got it, if not, start again and find where you went wrong.

Well regardless of what you do or how good you do it, if your visitors can't trust you or your content it wont matter long. Make sure you put honest information and factual content on your site. There are far too many ‘webmasters' in this business that will put anything they can to try to draw traffic. Sure a flash and trash ad saying GET $200 FREE – NO DEPOSIT will draw lots of people, but they expect you to deliver. The problem ends up being that you have short term traffic that is mad, rather then a long term satisfied visitor that will come back. The net is viral, good or bad news travels fast.